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So, I was reading Ralfast’s Sturm und Drang blog the other day and saw this meme about NaNoWriMo (created by Benjamin Solah). While I’m still kind of on the fence about participating this year (and if I do, it may or may not be PAaA), I thought the meme would get me in the writing mood.

When and how did you find out about NaNoWriMo? How did you go?

I found out about NaNo in high school, but I didn’t participate until last year.

How many times have you done NaNoWriMo?

Only once.  I’m hoping the Highlander philosophy doesn’t work with this.

How many times have you won? If you haven’t won, what was your best result?

I won last year! And man, did that book reek. I’m half proud, but mostly embarrassed by the result.

How did you go last year?

I won! But I didn’t have a plot, characters, or anything. It was a whim I decided on November first. Was it a lot of fun? Yes.

Where do you write and with what do you write?

I write on my computer or with pen and paper.  Usually I write in my room, but this year I’ll probably do some writing in the library.

How do you find time to write?

Its a wonderful procrastination tool. Really, I’d come back from class and write instead of taking my usual late morning nap. That, and I went to sleep very late at night (or early in the morning).

Are your partners, friends and family allies or enemies?

My friends mostly thought I was crazy, but in the end they supported me. This hasn’t prevented them from wanting to read my work, which I have refused. My profs who knew about it were quite supportive (I was able to write two articles for my journalism class about NaNo).

What are you strengths and what do you use to help you get to the end?

Dedication! And the thought of a job well done. Bragging rights help too.

What are you weaknesses, obstacles and challenges that hinder you from finishing?

I’m easily distracted and tend to procrastinate. Plus, I enjoy sleep.

Do you plot/outline/plan or do you write by the seat of your pants? How much do you plot or how unprepared are you?

Last year, no plot, no problem. The result was ugly. This year, if I participate, I have characters and a time line to follow. Better prepared than last year!

Do you participate in the real life community, go to write ins and meet ups in your area?

Kind of. I met up with one other NaNo-er, and meant to go to a write in but didn’t get around to it. This year, I’ve limited my extracurricular activities, so I think I might go to a write in or two.

What are your writing aids? Special snacks, music, totems, rewards or punishments?

Tea, lots of it. Music, I made a playlist of ’60s music, and also listened to a lot of Pete Townshend’s solo work.

As for punishments, failure is not an option.

9 thoughts on “Yet another NaNo Meme

  1. I just don’t see the point of NaNoWriMo. Just about everyone I’ve read who has done it says the same thing: their output was terrible, whether they finished or not. What’s the point of that? If a person can really carve that much time out of a month to write an entire novel, wouldn’t it be better to devote it to good work rather than swift work? What is the likelihood of producing anything that could even be salvaged from this kind of stunt writing? I don’t even see it as a good means to keep practiced or to create discipline.

    Enlighten me.


    1. It’s fun and slightly ridiculous. Last year, I just wanted to get something done, to say that I completed a story. While I was writing the story, I felt as though I had created something that was at least workable. I think I wrote a decent scene or two.
      As for discipline, it can help some insanely busy people realize they can carve out a few hours in the day to produce a couple thousand words. Now, whether or not they decide to use these hours to write something quickly or of quality is up to them.
      This year, I don’t care if I reach the 50,000 words. I’m interested in producing a few decent short stories. Who knows if I’ll change my mind again about participating? I probably will. November might come along and I won’t bother.
      Good ideas wait for no man. 🙂


    2. All first drafts are crap, and that’s what NaNo is, a first draft. It is also a way to motivate people to write. I thought that my first NaNo would suck, but I ended up with a working story that I want to publish. So it worked for me.


      1. I think the reason why my NaNo draft last year was so awful last year was because I wrote in a genre I don’t really enjoy. I had a decent idea, but didn’t really put my heart into it–the ultimate reason why it wasn’t workable!

        It’s a fun exercise! And it did get me to finish that first draft, something I had never completed before.


  2. I guess I live under a rock–this is the first Nano Meme I’ve seen. I think that’s cool that you totally winged it last year. I hope to do it this year but so far ziltch planning…and I am a planner. I think I’m heading toward scary territory if I don’t get my butt in gear…


    1. Thanks! It’s fun!
      I think over planning robs some of the fun of it, but definitely have a little planning done ahead of time. I think part of the reason why my story turned out so poorly is because I didn’t plan at all. Characters and plot partially cemented probably leads to a better result. 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


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