The Fine Art of Bookbinding

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While my attentions should be turned to writing my WIP, sometimes outside projects have a higher priority. I happily engaged in this one because, well…its just another step in the book process!

I crafted this WWII alphabet book by hand. It was designed using Adobe InDesign CS3.

Image/Book by Beth

Image/Book by Beth

I bound the book using a stich called Japanese Stab Stitch. Beneath the cover, the stitches make a box pattern. I didn’t think to take a picture of the book before adding the finishing ribbon (instead of book tape).

I’m looking forward to one day crafting my own journals. It was a lot of fun (if annoying to my neighbors–I had to use hammer and nails to make sufficient holes in the paper). Painful, too. I hit my fingers a few times!

In the realm of bookbinding, I intend on doing another alphabet book, this time using my own illustrations. The theme? Mythological creatures. I intend on calling in the Alphabeast.

5 thoughts on “The Fine Art of Bookbinding

  1. Once I crafted a book too. I created textbook from my lecture notes. And with use of hummer and nail too. (I didn’t saw another way of making hole in 30 pages). But I didn’t add the ribbon, just long red wire.

    And it is pretty good feeling – to have book which is so rare, that exists the only one copy.

    Maybe i try to create another one…


  2. Very cool! I would love to learn how to bind my own books. I did put together a book one time for Christmas presents one year, but the binding left much to be desired. I’ve also done chapbooks, which are basically fold and staple. I do have a book on bookbinding, but I haven’t gone much futher than putting it on my shelf. 🙂

    Did you take a course to learn bookbinding or is this something you learned on your own?


  3. I taught myself. I needed to design and bind a book for my graphic design class. It is a very simple binding technique called Japanese Stab Stitch.

    I learned by watching this video. It’s very helpful.

    The first attempt turned out okay. This one turned out great! I hope to make a few journals.


  4. I love that! It is very inspiring that you binding a book for your graphic design class. I think these skills are priceless, and if you enjoy it you can take it onto a new level and put your own imprint on it. This is also something I’d enjoy making. I’m currently framing my own paintings. Completetly taking as it comes, with recycled materials I have lying around. I figure I don’t need anything too pricey or formal looking to turn a painting’s frame into something beautiful.


    1. Thanks! I love how personal something can become just through making it. Words and paintings are personal to begin with, but being able to say “I made everything” brings it to a higher level!
      Once I complete a short story collection, I’m planning on hand binding it to make a few gifts. 🙂


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