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This is prompted by the little poll on the WP log in page. PC or Mac? There was no option for both; annoying for those of us who use both with equal skill.

A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking with a fellow college student, trying to help her use a Mac. Apart from the fact that the machine was on its final legs, she had never used a Mac before.

Astonishing. The first computers I used were Macs. Yeah, the old school box ones, followed by iMacs. In fact, my pre-high school computer training was entirely on Apple products (following that, PCs until Commercial Art).

At home, I use PCs, so I built my knowledge of Windows around that.

Switching between computers has always been easy for me; I suppose it is like speaking two languages. Now, as a graphic design student, it comes in handy. I use Photoshop on both PC and Mac. I don’t care which computers are available in the school labs; I can jump onto either and work away.

So, WordPress Poll. What about those of us who are computer bilingual?

3 thoughts on “Computer Bilingual

  1. Linux!

    I mostly use Windows because that is what I need for school and for games and things. If I were a better computer science major, I would be more Linux savvy. I can use an Apple, but I have little reason to. My cousins use them, though, and they think they’re great.

    I was thinking about coming up with a paladin character for a friend’s steampunk D&D campaign. Google tells me that this feat is possible, and I thought you would appreciate the evidence:


    1. I knew I was forgetting something!
      I’ve never used Linux before. I’ve never actually seen someone using Linux, either. My only knowledge of it is the creepy kid they used in their commercials back in the late ’90s early ’00s.
      I don’t think the Google OS has been released yet.
      I use Macs for art class and really enjoy them. I was stunned to find someone who had never used one before.

      Randomness: Awesome. Now I want to draw some.


      1. Google has a Linux-based OS for their Android phones; beyond that, they aren’t doing anything (that they’re talking about, anyway).


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