Language problem: SOLVED. At least temporarily.

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

As my library has minimal resources on the RAF (or the British part of WWII at all), I decided to do some reading about WWII from the American point of view.

What did I learn from Band of Brothers?

A lot of Dutch people spoke English. HAH. Problem solved!

I also learned that the British army had daily rum rations and horrible food.

And in the US Army, only paratroopers could blouse their trousers (stick ’em in the tops of boots). Ah, the minor details that add so much color.

4 thoughts on “Language problem: SOLVED. At least temporarily.

  1. Yay! Congrats. May all your struggles be swiftly resolved this month 🙂

    So, do tell more about your WIP process. You’re researching, have you got your plot developing, are you outlining or feeling your way through the background first, do you take notes, what in, etc, etc 🙂 Spill! 😉


  2. “A lot of Dutch people spoke English. HAH. Problem solved!”


    It still might pay to drop some Dutch words or phrases into your story, though, just to give it a little added realism (perhaps in the way Yarnspnr commented the other day).


    1. Oh yes, I’m definitely including Dutch phrases. I’m planning on having only one of the Dutch characters speak perfect English; for the most part, the rest will speak a combo or straight Dutch (shown in the way Yarnspnr suggested).


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