My biggest regret

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

I am, by nature, a literary packrat. I don’t save “stuff” so much as I save whatever I’ve written. I have some of my early stories from elementary school squirreled away somewhere.

But I find myself regretting one thing.

When I was in seventh grade, I hand wrote a 50 page Lord of the Rings fan fiction. It’s not the fact that I wrote fan fiction that bothers me (shhh, I still do, on occasion). It’s the fact that I recycled it.

I wish I had that rich, terribly written mine of cliches. I really do. It’d be fun to go back and read. Not to mention cower at the sight of all that purple prose.

4 thoughts on “My biggest regret

  1. I’m a bit like that too – I’ve got notes and scraps of paper going back years and years with pretty much every idea I jotted down or started.

    Probably should burn it all someday to save embarrassment…


  2. I can relate. I think my first attempt at creative writing came when I was in elementary school. I tried to write a novel but gave up after only a few pages. I destroyed what I wrote not long after I gave up, but today I wish I still had that early story.


  3. I was on Facebook a few moons ago, looking at some photos some old primary school person had put up. They’d scanned a page of one of our school yearbook thangs. And there, clear as fudge, was my name on the other side of the page, under some award-winning essay or poem. HILARIOUS find. Had totally forgotten the story.

    Unfortunately, I can’t find it again 🙂 *headslap*


  4. I recently found a very blatant Harry Potter rip-off I wrote in…oh, must have been ’98. Featured a young witch named Lily. I shuddered, laughed, and then put it back in the box.


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