On character development (part VI)

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

The Character’s Wealth, Power, and Influence.
1. Does this person have much money? Does it provide position or respect from others for him

He’s 19. He only has what he’s earned, and doesn’t get any respect for it.
2. Is your character generous or selfish with their money and possessions?

He’s generous with food, but is a bit of a miser.
3. Is the character socially prominent? Are they prominent from wealth, position, office, family history, ability or accomplishment?

No. He hasn’t done much.
4. Does the character rate high in the “pecking order” within their own household? Town? Area? Nation? World?

Nope. In his household, he ranks below his younger sister (or perceives it as such). In his town, he’s known as his parents’ son. Apart from that, no one has any idea who he is.
5. Does this person wield much clout? Over whom and by what means?

6. Can they command others to do their bidding, by word or manipulation?

Only in his dreams.
7. How do they get their desires?

He goes after them himself, using his own money.
8. To whom are they subservient? Is this submission willing or unavoidable?

He’s subservient to his parents and bosses. It’s unavoidable.

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