Grammar is your friend

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Grammar is your friend.

Really. Seriously. It’s that kind of friend who you sometimes ignore, but always understands what the hell you’re talking about, or at least attempting to.

I’m not out to write a how-to guide for grammar. That’s already been done by people who are more knowledgeable in the area than I am (in the process of typing this post, I made and caught three grammatical errors).

I would like to point out that good grammar is key, but quite a few people already know that.

Instead, a story.

When I was younger, I was involved in a creative writing group. One member thought that she was above using proper grammar–and that if she got her story published, her editor would figure it out.

I refused to read her story beyond the first paragraph.

While it may seem that grammar can be fixed by others, people should take the initiative to learn it themselves. Stop making excuses. Do it.

3 thoughts on “Grammar is your friend

  1. Thanks for blogging on this important subject. I love grammar and have read up on it. Punctuation, especially the use of commas, can prove tricky at times, but I find it fascinating. I studied several modern languages to a basic level some years back and found the grammar sections fascinating.


  2. Thanks for your response!
    As much as I disliked learning grammar while studying Spanish, it definitely made English grammar (and Italian grammar) easier to grasp!

    These days, most of my grammatical errors are punctuation related.


  3. Hi. I stumbled into your blog looking for other writers and I enjoyed reading about your writing ‘issues’. They are so familiar! I started a new blog about writing and the love of words, called The Dead Cats Society.

    Your posting on grammar caught my eye and I thought you might enjoy reading one I wrote on the Oxford Comma.

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.


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