2 thoughts on “On second drafts and motivation

  1. I find that I enjoy the revising and editing stages of the process a little more than writing the first draft — but that’s just me.

    Revising can be intimidating if you have a lot of text before you, but remember you don’t have to work on the whole thing at once. If it’s a book-length manuscript, just work on a chapter. If it’s a short story, just focus on one aspect; for example, I tend to use the word “just” way too often in my writing, so I might run the word processor’s Find/Replace function to isolate all of the instances of “just” and decide whether each instance is really necessary or needs to be revised. You can search for words or punctuation or whatever. Little assignments like that can be satisfying because you feel like you are actually accomplishing something.

    You can also promise yourself that you’ll only work for a certain period of time today. Tell yourself that you’ll only work for one hour or thirty minutes — and then stick to that promise. You’ll be more likely to start working on an assignment if you know for sure how long the work will take.


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