On character development (part II)

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

The Character’s Clothes
1. How many clothes does this character have?

Not many. He tends to wear the same outfits all the time.
2. What kinds of items are in their wardrobe?

Jeans, Oxford shirts, band tees, a suit
3. Do they have favorite articles of clothing?

His band tees–The Who and The Kinks
4. What colors are their clothes, is there a wide range? Bright or dull? What are their favorite colors to wear?

His clothes tend to be dull or dark, blues, greens, greys, browns.
5. Are their clothes old or new?

Newish for the most part. He doesn’t wear vintage.
6. Were they bought or homemade, hand-me-downs, expensive tailored-made?

He bought them in a store.
7. Is your character at home in their clothes or uncomfortable?

He feels very comfortable in his clothes.
8. Does your character care for their clothes, kept up and neat, do they worry about how they look?

He’s a neat freak. His Oxford shirts are always ironed.
9. Does your character have to dress a certain way because of his job or position? Is it a uniform? If so, do the clothes fit their real, basic character, or are the clothes worn as a symbol or mask?

When at work, he wears his uniform–polo shirt and khakis. He dresses the way he does because he was brought up being told to look neat, and also because he just likes to be comfortable.
10. Do they dress according to a self-image of themselves? Is this self-image conscious or unconscious? At what age was this self-image set, and what circumstances dictated the image?

He dresses for comfort, and wanting to look professional, which he decided upon entering college (at 18).
11. Discuss adornments, jewelry, or trophies that your character might wear. Are there tattoos, piercing, brandings, or ritualistic scarring, and what were the events, rituals, or circumstances that lead your character to having them.

He’s afraid of needles, so no tattoos, piercings, etc. He does have a scar on his wrist after shutting his hand in a car door, and a scar on his knee after falling off of his bike.

12. What kind of underwear does your character wear?

Boxers (with ducks on them).

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