Do mane characters go to the hair dresser?

The Twirl and Swirl of Letters

Ah, spelling. The bane of every schoolkid’s existence (second to grammar).

The other day I was bored, and poked about Yahoo!Answers. I came across a question that was, essentially, “What should I name my mane (sic) character?”

That got me thinking (which is not difficult to do).

Main characters, as we all know, are stories’ focal characters. Jim is my current main character. I doubt I’ll determine his mane character.

Mane character is what our hair is like. Let’s use Harry Potter characters as examples.

Snape’s “mane character” is greasy.

Sirius’s (while in Azkaban) is matted.

Dumbledore’s mane character also includes his rather luxuriant, silver facial hair.

Voldemort has no “mane character.” He’s bald.

Ron’s is ginger.

Now, misspellings can bring about other unfortunate mismeanings. I would hate to spend time learning how to be a stylist and apply for a job as a “hare dresser.”

On visiting places in movies

General Geekiness

There are fewer things in life that make me smile more than knowing that I’ve been somewhere that a movie’s been filmed. It’s a simple pleasure, but one that I particularly like (especially when watching a movie and recognizing a place).

When I was younger, my family went on a trip to the UK. One of our stops was Oxford, where we visited Christ Church College. Otherwise known as the place where the staircase from Harry Potter is. Also, part of The History Boys was filmed there. I had to smile.

A big surprise came when I was watching Quadrophenia last summer. The whole mods and rockers thing intrigues me, but enough on that. I knew that the movie partially took place in Brighton (where I visited in high school), but I didn’t realize that the big fight took place outside a restaurant I ate at (or just paid a visit to the loo…I can’t remember). Either way, I walked down quite a few of the streets (and of course, the beach) used in that cult film.