The Revenge of Heroes Named Jack: Attacking the Writer!

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Sigh. Just a little while ago I posted my epic list of Heroes Named Jack. It seems that I’ve slipped into that realm; worse, my Jack is sizing up the MC and is attempting to pounce.

He’s convinced that he’s the MC; I’ve had this problem before, and I usually give in. Not this time. Of course, everyone is the main character in their own life stories, so he’s right in one aspect. Its just not his story.

So, Jack’s name obviously has to go. I expect to change character names at least once for most characters (but my female MC’s name fits her quite well). I like Harry for him, but there’s that boy wizard. Edward is also a possibility, but there’s that Book That Shall Not Be Named. Naming characters is tough, especially when trying to use commonplace names! Some other character pops into my mind. There’s also Alasdair as an option, which could work as I plan on referring to him by his last name. But its too la-di-da for him.

Maybe I’ll be lucky and like Geoffrey, he’ll name himself.

10 thoughts on “The Revenge of Heroes Named Jack: Attacking the Writer!

  1. I’ve been defaulting to Nick lately (not that I write stories). Short like Jack, and a -ck to match!

    Hopefully he gets around to naming himself. It’d probably be awkward if his name stayed Him.


  2. My characters are of two types. Those who change their names a half dozen times throughout the writing of a novel. And those who glare at me and absolutely refuse to budge when I even consider changing their name.

    As for your characters- goodness, if you want to use Edward, please do so! That name is hundreds of years old. Common in real life and in literature. No one has any claim to it. The only situation I’d advise against using it now is if your character was a vampire. Other than that…


  3. I don’t think I’ve ever changed a character name. Once they’re tagged (and it takes me some time to hang a moniker on them) I let them be themselves. So far, in interviews, none have asked me to change their name but it could happen I guess. Good luck in your search!


    1. I’ve only changed a character’s name once. While working on Starbreaker, I had a supporting character named “Eddie Van Helsing”. As I refined the story and made it more serious, I found a better use for the EVH name, and renamed the character to “Edmund Cohen”. Now “Eddie Van Helsing” is the name of a manga that some of the characters in Starbreaker read; it’s about a rock musician who became a vampire hunter when a vampire started munching on his audience.


  4. Edward, the name all girls are crushing over. the fictional character every girl wishes was theirs. the Book That Shall Not Be Named is a very popular book.
    But I reallt dont care about the Book That Shall Not Ve Named. I say go with the name Edward.


    1. I’m debating using “Edmund” as a first name for a different character.
      I don’t care for that book, either, but as its so ingrained in the public conscious at the moment, I’m avoiding the name. Especially since that character’s surname begins with a “C”!


      1. Is that surname “Collins” by any chance? Does he have a cousin named “Barnabas”? Sorry, I’m a little drunk. ๐Ÿ™‚


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